The Leading Enabler of The Internet of Things

If there’s a digital challenge, we are the solution. If there’s question, we’ve got the answer. If the plan is unravelling, we are the integrators. If you are faced with dumb data, we are the smart guys in the room. If you need to digitize, automate and analyze, we are The Leading Enabler of the Internet of Things.

To enrich communities by making the impossible possible, through technology. We have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and we thrive on making the seemingly impossible happen. We do this by delivering exceptional value propositions to

our stakeholder communities whether it is business communities, consumer communities, citizen communities or geographical communities.

Our Values

Everything we do is underpinned by the following core values:

  •  Excellence: “Live to accomplish”

Excellence is the extent to which an organization is strongly committed to the results that reflect sustained improvement in all areas of the business, as well as performance at a level that is at, or superior to, ‘best in class’ organizations. We focus on employee, customer and all stakeholder satisfaction, as well as superior business results.

  • Innovation: “Live to inspire”

Our high-performance innovation is a leadership driven culture of sustainable growth in the areas of process, products, technology and people that is supported by engaged employees in the pursuit of continuous excellence.

  • Integrity: “Live your word”

Integrity is the belief in an absolute system of right and wrong, combined with the will to do what is right, regardless of the cost. Our people live with integrity and have great character. You can count on them to get the job done with the desired end results you are expecting.

  • Customer Delight: “Beyond customer’s expectation”

This is going an extra mile to satisfy the customer even when it is not our issue. Exceeding the customers expectation by offering continual unwavering support.

  • Proactiveness: “Fix it before it occurs”

Based on our eagle eye approach on effective customer services monitoring, research and improvement, we are able to detect and resolve emerging problems before they become issues that are capable of crippling your business/process.

  • Make a Difference: “Live with compassion”

Making a difference is about meaningful differentiation. At TECHNIRA we do this by going out of our way to have a positive impact on our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our business partners and our society at large.

  • Passion: “Live with Heart”

We live with Passion, positive emotional state of mind resulting from perceptions of worthwhile work, autonomy, collaboration, growth, fairness, recognition, connectedness to colleagues, and connectedness to leaders.

  • Teamwork: “Live to collaborate”

At TECHNIRA individuals work together as a team to achieve a common goal or purpose and hold themselves accountable for the team’s output.

  • Trust: “Live your truth”

Trust is both character (who you are) and competence (your strengths and the results you produce). Trust is the residue of promises fulfilled and a definable component of leadership success.

  • Leadership: “We take responsibility”

We take responsibility for taking decision even when it is mission critical as long as it is geared towards effectiveness of service.