The Corporate Internet Access solution provided by TECHNIRA is reliable, highly available and offers dedicated, secure and managed Internet access with the highest service levels. TECHNIRA offers multiple bandwidth options to provide tailor-made solutions to its customers.

With sufficient capacity on the Main One inter-continental submarine cable in Nigeria, TECHNIRA has enough redundancy and peering with Tier-1 service providers to enable the best possible traffic routing for your data.

Our ability to understand customer’s requirements and deliver services effectively, enables us to offer a vast range of Internet bandwidths with Service Level Agreement backed service offerings.

TECHNIRA Corporate Internet Access solution helps our customers consolidate the management of their dedicated broadband Internet access with world-class reliability and performance, scalability and security. We proactively monitor your Internet access around-the clock and provide enhanced security features to help protect your valuable network resources.

Digital Leased Circuits

TECHNIRA Digital Leased Circuit (DLC) service is a secured, high speed, reliable, solution for customers requiring dedicated point-to-multi point links between the organizations’ head Office and its branch offices nationwide.

The Digital Leased Circuit (DLC) is flexible, hence allowing for modern technological variation when required. Channelization equipment has being deployed to allow for bandwidth scalability, to allow for clients variation request from time to time. Data, Video, Voice transfers along the DSL links at a speedy rate, hence enabling effectiveness and efficiency of work process.

TECHNIRA operates one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in the country primarily by the convergence of multiple networks into one. The company’s Network infrastructural design is structured towards providing a broad range of end-to-end efficient and reliable IP-based (data and voice communications) services across West Africa while building a long term, trusted partnership with its clients.

VSAT Internet Services

Our services are offered in partnership with international carriers like SES Global – the world leader in providing reliable satellite bandwidth and iDirect Technologies – the world leader in broadband Access anywhere, anytime.

TECHNIRA infrastructure is a robust, fully redundant system comprising an iDirect Technologies Hub Network Operations Centre (NOC), Network Management System (NMS) and Protocol Processors. The Hub is manned by a team of well-trained engineers with a 24/7/365 Service Management operatives whose focus are the management and monitoring of customer’s data/voice traffic from their various remote locations to their respective headquarters.

Wireless Services

TECHNIRA has deployed its own Metro Wireless access network in each of the cities where it operates. TECHNIRA delivers last mile connectivity for its clients connecting head offices to branch offices in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration.

TECHNIRA Metro Network is a cost-effective, dedicated optical network that allows TECHNIRA customers to transport multiple signals over a single pair of fibers and provides multiple interface options to meet customers native data transport needs.

The TECHNIRA Metro Wireless and Optical access networks are seamlessly integrated for continuous communications. We deliver Digital Signal Bandwidth from 64kbps up to STM-1capacities and integrates seamlessly with our routing equipment